New life for old stuff. pt 2

Ok, so to talk about what I planned to talk about yesterday before I got distracted and went on a separate rant... We don't plan on buying much furniture right when we move to the new house, but a new TV stand is a necessity.  After scouring the furniture store website I found a fantastic, vintage-inspired stand at Pottery Barn picture below).

Pottery Barn TV StandNow for a back-story before I can continue:

Our current apartment is the first floor of a house built around 1900.  It's been totally and completely gutted and updated with the exception of the basement.  When we moved in, we were given half the basement (divided from the other tenant's half by a wall).  In our half the basement was a pile of old furniture which our landlord told us came with the house when he purchased it.  Knowing I was an interior designer, he told us we could take whatever of it we wanted.  I gave the pile a quick once-over and saw only a few bland chairs from the 70s and headboard.

Flash to 2 years later:

My parents were up the other weekend for the home inspection and my mom, remembering my landlords offer of furniture, dragged me down to peruse the pile.  Lo and behold, tucked in the corner was a buffet covered in cobwebs and enough dust to write a novel in.  Giving it a quick wipe-down, we brought it upstairs.

found furniture

It bears a surprising resemblance to the Pottery Barn TV stand I was drooling over.  It needs a bit of love and refinishing, but has potential to be our new TV stand.  I'll make the final determination once we get it to the new house, but its definitely coming with us!  If it is chosen to be our new TV stand, in addition to a gleaming new finish, it will receive shelves inside to house the X-Box, DVR, and audio receiver.  Fantastic vintage find that's been literally right under my nose for the past 2 years!

I have far too much swirling in my head right now!   A new house provides me too many opportunities for creativity.  In order to first organize my thoughts before organizing all my  worldly possessions, I created a list of all the projects I'm planning for the house.  I will cross-off items as I complete them and post all the fun pictures on here!

I also planned to include more in this post, but I'm sure I'm losing your attention by now, so stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow!

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