Hi! I’m Karen. Founder and principal designer of Copper Dot Interiors.

We are a Natick-based full service interior design studio founded upon my belief that every house has a story waiting to be told.

After many years in corporate design, I found myself drawn to the more hands-on approach of residential design. Today, I spend my days collaborating with clients to translate their interests and lifestyle into spaces that reflect their personal joys and values. Don’t let your home tell the story of the previous owners or what a catalog thinks your space should look like. Your home should be uniquely YOU.

I strive to create a balanced home that is beautiful, functional and accessible. I do this by getting to know clients’ unique needs and style so that we overcome a space’s challenges, unlock its potential and co-author it’s story.


Why Copper Dot?

Whether I am starting the design process with a blank palette or inspiration comes from a family heirloom, it’s important for me to understand the nitty gritty. Details drive function.  Do your tiny humans snack on the sofa? Where does the Christmas tree go? Would you greatly suffer without a bedside drawer? And does grandma needs a firm back chair to survive Thanksgiving without complaint?

At Copper Dot, I’ll work with you to get it all right … for everyone. Whether your home is rich in history or a new construction, I’ll provide a fresh approach to help you infuse personality into your spaces in order to give them both a distinct look and a distinct feeling. How do you want your space to feel? Let’s get started and make your home tell YOUR story.

Fun Facts:

  • I have a prowess for power tools which has come in handy since I flip houses (just sold #8)

  • I’m an accidental chair addict and a total sucker for a vintage find

  • I’ve been married to my hubby, Brian, for the better part of a decade and we are currently raising our little family in 118+ year old home

  • The name Copper Dot came from a list of words I liked and smashed together. It just so happens to work out that metal and pattern are two things that make a design better. So we’ll go with that as the official business name birth story.