Frankie the Fliphouse

2 Weeks and $1000

It's been a good few days on the flip front.  Friday, after 2 weeks of scrambling, I got Frankie all staged and ready to show off for his Saturday showing.  The Saturday showing lead to a second showing Sunday and an accepted offer!  And Hubby and I sighed a collective sigh of relief.  We've learned several expensive lessons with this house: 1- purchase price has to be right for the neighborhood.  2- the best offer is the one you have in front of you.  We would have made more profit if we took the first offer... ce la vie. and 3- staging is totally worth the time and money (plus it's fun). When faced with a non-selling house, we didn't want to sink any more money into renovations, so reluctantly we agreed that staging was the way to go.  We had resisted previously because we weren't convinced that the time and cost were worth it (spoiler alert: they are).  I may be able to envision furniture in the space, but sometimes I forget that not everyone sees a space that way.  So I gave myself the challenge- 2 weeks and $1000.

Frankie staged living room

Admittedly, it was trying to rein myself in- I wanted to design the whole space with the absolute perfect pieces!  I had to force myself to do just enough to make it feel cozy and to work with the pieces that I could get from craigslist for next to nothing.

Frankie staged living room vignette

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 1

I hung IKEA curtains in all the bedrooms using Sarah M. Dorsey's hook method and they totally helped the entire house feel finished.

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 2

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 3

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 4

If you didn't see on face book, I'm kind of madly in love with the mid century modern twin bedroom sets (yes, setS) that I found.  Eventually they'll get refinished, but the lines are dreamy and they're SOLID.  Sadly, the nightstand was missing it's original knob.  I may have to find a suitable replacement in the near future.

Frankie staged master 1

Frankie staged master 2

This dresser may end up being a future project too- polish up the knobs, repaint it (the finish is the victim of a poor refinish attempt) and add legs which apparently were there originally.

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 5

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 6

I shopped my own house for the majority of the accessories including lamps and trays.

Frankie staged mcm bedroom 7

My absolute favorite view is the view you get when walking down the hall:

Frankie staged hall view

It certainly doesn't look like a house that's lived-in, however just adding the furniture and a few strategic accessories, help to make it feel like it could be a home.

Aside from the kitchen/dining witch I had staged when we listed, I totally met my own challenge and was able to furnish and style a living room and 3 bedrooms for under $1000

Here's the cost breakdown:

Living room:

Sofa, craigslist-$50

Side chair, craigslist-$50

Rug, craigslist-$40

Lamp, already owned-$0

Side tables-$30 + spray paint

Living Room TOTAL: $170


2 twin beds, 2 dressers, 1 nightstand, craigslist-$100

Queen headboard & metal frame, craigslist-$50

2 Twin mattresses, craigslist-$50

Queen mattress, craigslist-$25

Queen split box spring, craigslist-$FREE

Nightstand, tag sale-$5 + spraypaint & new knobs

Dresser, craigslit-$30

Bedding, pillows, & accessories-$328.33

Bedrooms TOTAL: $588.33


Frankie Update

Frankie, oh Frankie.  Why must you break my heart so?  Frankie the Fliphouse (our second flip) still hasn't sold.  Great house on a good street on the wrong side of town.  Live and learn.  Without dropping the price yet again, we need to take action to get this guy gone! In the words of Sir Tim Gunn:

Make it Work print from Scoutmob

That saying's kinda a thing with Hubby and me.  I still need to frame this print that I purchased from ScoutMob and hang it properly, but I love the positive reminder.  I dare you to not hear Tim's voice when you read it!

Craigslist will be sick of me by the end of the next week or so- We've decided this house needs to be staged to help market it better.  I'm hunting, scavenging, and haggling for the best deals possible for furniture to stage an entire house.  That means mattresses, beds, dressers, etc.  I'm hoping to furnish the entire house quickly on a shoestring budget and make it look like it wasn't done on the cheap.  So far I've only set a time to pick up this guy on Saturday.

craigslist blue sofa

I know it's blue, but the style is pretty simple, it's clean and neat, and above all else, the price is right.  $50 for a sofa in good condition?  I'll take it!  Since I'm going blue on the sofa, I'm looking for a more neutral colored chair with interesting lines to accompany it.  Here are the current front-runners:

00q0q_86CMTHFkEFY_600x450 01515_7Jvkef2gyLP_600x450

Now the race is on to see who responds to my e-mails.

I'm sure I'll come up with a quick DIY or 2 to help stage once I get some of the larger pieces procured.  Until then, I'll be that girl on my iphone every 5 minutes looking to see if anything new has been posted.

Let the staging begin!

Frankie: Week 16.5/Reveal pt2!

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. Frankie is LISTED!!  Woo hoo!!  and I'm spent.  I hope you had a chance to check out part 1 of Frankie's reveal on Friday, if not, I'll give you a few minutes........ I'll share the link for the listing at the end of the post, but I wouldn't want you getting distracted before I show you the basement that I'm jealous of.

My own basement is old, tiny, and may be filled with stuff (just maybe)....  much like where Frankie's basement started, except his was very dirty and filled with old water damage and dangerous wiring.


There were remnants of walls, falling down ceiling tiles, and 3 layers of stylish wallpaper in some areas.  Sailboats are all the rage.


Again, the photos from the original listing showed the true character of the space:



Really pretty, right?  But wait!  I said I'm jealous of this basement...

Now it's open, bright, clean, and fraught with possibilities!


Everything that had gotten water-damaged over the house's 50+ year life was removed and practically every surface got painted.


Have I mentioned there's also a half-bath in the basement?  We didn't change it much- removed a not-to-code shower pan and cleaned it up.


Back in the main area, all the utilities are nicely tucked into a storage room behind the 2 doors.  I couldn't help myself and had to style the laundry area a bit with IKEA shelves and cute Target dollar spot bins.



Can I take this basement and move it below my own home several towns away?  That would be lovely.  Can't you just see the possibilities down here?  Man cave?  Play room?  Craft room/work area?  Guess which one I'd go for!

AND as promised, check out Frankie's MLS listing and pass it around if you know anyone in the market!