DanceFit Reveal!

A few months ago, I introduced you to DanceFit Studio and the new location that we were giving a facelift to.  Well, I'm pleased to say that the new studio has been up and running for about a month and a half and we finally were able to have a photoshoot and get some sweet pictures to share with you!  I'll give you a minute to pop back to my post about the design plans, so you can see what the ideas were for the space.  Now go ahead and tell me that you wouldn't want to take fitness classes here or be a little kid on your tippy toes at ballet class...  

DanceFit Studio Reveal - Mirrors and Windows


It was pretty far from this to start with.  It was originally an auto garage that had been converted into a karate studio with the worst colors and stained carpeting that you could pretty much imagine.  Trust me when I say that carpet was much worse in person.


DanceFit Studio Before DanceFit Studio Lobby Before


We were working within a budget so we made sure that the first things we spent on were the floor and the mirrors since those make the most impact in a dance studio.  From there, it was about making things functional and adding a touch of glamour throughout.  My personal favorite view, and what seems to be the general consensus's favorite view as well, is these vintage theater chairs with floor to ceiling curtains.  I found the chairs at a local vintage shop and used IKEA curtains sewn together to create color-blocked curtains that were tall enough for the 12 foot+ ceilings.


DanceFit Studio Reveal - Windows, curtains, and vintage chairs


On the other side of the room we got creative with storage, using IKEA's Kallax cubbies to house most of the small fitness equipment including hand weights, yoga blocks, stretching bands, and pound sticks as well as supplies for the kids classes.  Using a light gray box painted on the wall, we were able to give designated area for client achievements and tracking classes.  They offer some fun incentives for reaching class number milestones- I'm only one class away from 50 classes this year and earning my sparkly headband! #littlewins


DanceFit Studio Reveal- fitness organization


In between the studio and lobby, we installed a glass sliding door to give a little bit of privacy to the studio while still allowing parents to watch the pirouettes of their little ones.


DanceFit Studio Reveal Viewing door between studio and lobby


The lobby sets the tone for the space once you enter with an eclectic, but relaxed vibe.  Function was key in this entire project and the lobby was no different.  It needed to accommodate waiting parents, kids coloring at the large coffee table, and be flexible enough to be moved around for birthday parties or other events.  I'm so glad Gina, DanceFit's owner fell as much in love with the Letterboard as I did.  She needed a place to make announcements about pop up classes, special events, and general studio goings on.  I swear, every time I come in, she's switched it up already- I've created a monster.  Well, I guess I awoke the monster in myself too, because after seeing this stellar board in person, I just knew I need to get one for myself (did you see it in yesterday's big announcement post??)


DanceFit Studio Reveal lobby


Check out DanceFit's website for their full list of adult fitness classes, virtual online classes, and kids dance classes.  I personally recommend the BalletFit, Zumba, Pilates and Pound!  See you at the barre!



DanceFit Studio Reveal - Mirrors and Windows and Barres

Photos taken by the talented Joyelle West Photography.

Disclaimer: some sources below may contain affiliate links.  Shopping through these links will be at no additional cost to you, however will help support my design addiction so I can keep sharing it with you. XOXO


Lobby- desk from World Market, sign board from Letterfolk, shelves from Wayfair, folding chairs from IKEA, rug from RugsUSA, Curtains from IKEA, & custom coffee table by Mauricio Woodworking

Studio- vinyl flooring from Lumber Liquidators, vintage theater chairs from Robject's D'art, curtains from IKEA (sewed together for color-blocked effect), yoga mat basket from World Market, fitness storage from IKEA, barn door hardware from Amazon, & salvaged door from Habitat for Humanity ReStore Worcester










Living Room Before and After Blog Hop


If you're coming over from Up to Date Interiors, WELCOME!!! Who doesn't love a good blog hop?  You get to be a voyeur into other people's homes and styles without being a total creeper and peeking in windows.  When Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living invited me to define my design style and show the evolution of it in a room of my home, I was 100% in!!!



It's easy to forget that for every perfectly curated pinterest-worthy or instagrammed room, there's a round-about path that lead to that place.

My style today is eclectic, modern vintage, but it didn't always shine through like it does today.  Let's take an awkward journey through my living room over the past almost 6 years.  I cringe so hard when I look at the first version of my living room.  Aside from a new tv stand, I tried to make the living room from my old apartment work in this new smaller space.  Spoiler alert: it didn't!!  To recreate this amazing space, mix undersized artwork with furniture way to bulky for a small room, and add a big splash of brown (please don't).




The next iteration of the room definitely had a bit more personality, but still had a waaaays to go.  The mistake I made for YEARS, and should have known better, was trying to make pieces that I previously owned (and they weren't great pieces to start with!) work in this space as opposed to assessing the space, THEN designing it.  Are you all impressed with my perfectly lit night shot?  Oh the things you learn through years of blogging....



After years of tweaking small things and still not loving the room, I went back to the drawing board and decided to do what I should have done from the beginning and designed the room from scratch.  I coerced Hubby into a new sofa (huzzah!!!), painted the coffee tables gold, built a DIY corner bookshelf to fill the awkward space, and upgraded the boxy apartment left-over side tables with eclectic antique finds.  While I enjoyed this version, being the first room that you walk into from our front door, it was a bit of design overload in a small space.



Which brings us happily to the end of our journey and what my living room looks like today.  It's a fun mix of modern shapes and patterns, vintage furniture and quirky finds: hence my label of "eclectic, modern, vintage."






How can you get this look?  I recommend keeping staple pieces like a sofa and tv stand timeless.  In this case, I used a mid-century-modern inspired sofa and a vintage mid-century hutch-turned-tv stand to ground the space.



Especially in a small room like this one, think big to small: the bigger the piece, the more classic/versatile it should be, the smaller, the quirkier it can be.  This keeps the crazy-factor down to an interesting and intriguing level as opposed to sending your guests running.  For example- a hand-shaped vase as a book end: quirky.  a hand-shaped chair in a tiny living room: a bit too eccentric.



Shop this look:

Disclaimer: some sources below may contain affiliate links.  Shopping through these links will be at no additional cost to you, however will help support my design addiction so I can keep blogging about it.

While many pieces are vintage, finds from years ago, or HomeGoods finds that I can't find sources for, here are some similar items to get you started:

Furniture: Sofa, tv stand, coffee tables (painted gold), pedestal side table, side table with drawers, antique chair (needs reupholstery)

Lighting: Tripod floor lamp, ceramic table lamp, schoolhouse ceiling fixture

Decor: Starburst mirror, yellow stripe pillow, ukulele wall hook, vintage teapot (planter), wooden shoe mold, textured cookie jar, hand vase (painted matte white)


Hop on over to the next home on the tour, Kimberly's eclectic, boho, glam style on Swoonworthy.  Be sure to check out all the amazing style evolutions the rest of this week!








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ORC Rooms to Watch

Are you guys familiar with the One Room Challenge?  If not, you totally should be! Linda at Calling it Home started this biannual phenomenon 5 years ago and it's been getting bigger and bigger ever since.  There are about 20 designers/design bloggers who are part of the official 6 week room transformation challenge, but hundreds of other bloggers join in the challenge on their own.  I've been aware of it the past few rounds and greatly enjoyed seeing the reveals after 6 weeks, but this time around, I'm enjoying all the weekly progress as well!  I would have joined in as an unofficial participant since my dining room could use a bit of love, however the timing didn't work out this time.  So this time, I'll just sit back and enjoy! The participants are just past the make over half-way point and I'm eager to see where everyone takes it!  A few of my favorite bloggers are part of it and I can't wait to see their results!

I am constantly jealous of Nicole Balch's Victorian home.  She always seems to achieve the ideal balance between historical architecture and modern elements, so why should this make-over be any different?  On Making it Lovely, for the One Room Challenge she's taking on her bedroom AND den and *gasp* painting the previously stained woodwork white.  I'm totally on board with the white woodwork- freshen it up while still highlighting the architecture.  I can't wait to see these 2 spaces come alive!!

ORC MakingitLovely QuincyMockup

ORC MakingitLovely SittingRoomPaintColorsMockup


I've got my eyes peeled to see what Gwen at The Makerista can pull our for her basement 'man cave.'

ORC The-Makerista-Mancave-Design-Blue

She's done some pretty spectacular make overs elsewhere in her '80s colonial, so I have no doubt that the final result will make all of our jaws drop.  Just check out her dining room!



Guys guys guys!  Orlando of Hommemaker is making over a tree house!  Like a real life tree house with a tree in the middle of the space!!

hommemaker treehouse-7

He's going for a cool and kid-friendly space and has shared 4 different design options that he's debating.  I'm voting for option #1, Desert Safari.  Whichever plan he goes with this is going to be one stunning space in the end!

ORC Hommemaker treehouse-design-9

Are you following along with the One Room Challenge?  I'd love to know which make over is your favorite so far!  Tomorrow they'll all be posting about their week 4 progress, so it should be exciting to see how they've progressed!  I just love a good room transformation, don't you??