Design Consultation

Consider this a first date! A design consultation gives us the opportunity to meet (because chemistry is important!) and it allows me to have a first look at your home. We discuss your design challenges, feel out your style and chat preliminary ideas. From here, you can decide if a second date is in our future.

Full Scale Custom Design

We’ve met, we jive and you want to walk hand in hand through your design project. From a customized design concept right on through to purchasing, installation and pillow fluffing, we’ll create a fresh space you may never want to leave.

Design a la Carte

You know you need design help, you’re just not sure how much and in what capacity. You’ve got some ideas, but have decision paralysis. Or you have a room that’s been half-done for longer than you want to admit. My a la carte services offer a pre-paid blocks of hours that provide flexibility for those who need help pulling it together.


Why do I need an interior designer?

Just like you would hire an electrician to make sure your light switch is doing what it needs to, a designer can help you make sure that your environment is doing what it needs to.  You see the rooms in your home day in and day out and why would you not want them to be the best they can be? Whether you just need a little assistance putting on finishing touches or don’t have the time to deal with the big renovation you know you need, a designer can help your house reach its potential.  A home without a designer is sometimes like a meal without spices- adequate and functional, but wouldn’t a little flavor make the space where you live your life all the more enjoyable??

Why should I pay for an Interior Designer when some retail stores offer “free design assistance?”

To put it bluntly, nothing is free and you get what you pay for.  That goes for the e-design you can now get through many online retailers.  The designers are getting paid for their time whether it is by you directly or by commissions from you buying the products from their store which can put their decisions into question.  Working with an independent designer like Copper Dot gives you a much more personal and personalized experience. We are able to assess your individual needs and come up with a truly customized design that sources from whichever manufacturers we feel would be the best fit for you- both retail and trade-only.  This results in a space that doesn’t look like a page from a furniture catalog but instead reflects your unique story.

What is the process working with a designer?

We will start with an in-home consultation so I can meet both you and your space.  After the initial consult, a proposal for design hours will be sent for approval. If you decide we’re the perfect fit and want to work together, great!!  The next step will be to flesh out what you are REALLY wanting to see in your space(s) and how they can best function. Once we have an understanding of style and the needs of the space, then a customized design will be pulled together.  

How do you charge?

After an initial consult which lasts about 60-90 min, most projects move forward on an hourly basis.  Some projects, depending on scope, maybe be of a different structure but will be discussed as needed. If you have questions about working together, please reach out!!

How long will it take to complete my room?

A typical 1 room furniture/redesign project takes around 6 months to come to fruition.  There are a lot of moving parts involved in that and typically the longest phase is waiting for furniture to arrive once decisions are made.  Expect the design phase to last about 2 months while we come up with the ideal design for you and work together to select the perfect pieces for your space.

Why does it take so much time? What is included in design time?

Think about the last home project you worked on yourself.  How much time did you spend looking for that perfect lamp or standing at the paint store trying to decide between whites??  While we know where to look for those right items and what colors are the best in certain lights, each item does take time for us to select, get samples, coordinate the overall design and ultimately order.  All designer time spent on project goes toward the package, including phone calls and emails. The quicker you make decisions, the quicker we can make final decisions, however!