Monthly Recap

Arrivederci 2013!

Wow, this is my last post of 2013.  That snuck up on me. 2013 was one for the books.

I quit my secure 9to5 job to flip houses then subsequently flipped a house!

Clark the flip house

While flipping, I learned how to tile and lay hardwoods, among other things.

tile half way

We also redid our own kitchen and I'm still in love with it.

two tone kitchen reveal

And I opened an etsy shop, Serendipity Vintage, giving me an excuse to collect more cool old stuff (I have so much cool stuff that I still have to list on the shop!)

serendipity vintage etsy store


Amongst the big-ticket items of 2013, there were a few fun little DIY projects sprinkled in there, like an ipad envelope

DIY vinyl ipad case

a wine rack

diy wine rack close up

and a faux roman shade

faux roman shade diy

Overall, I'd say 2013 was a great year, although I have a feeling that it was all just build-up for 2014.  I have a lot of plans for this next year and, even if only half of them pan out, 2014 should be epic!!

(raising a cup of coffee) Here's to 2013 and an even better year to come!!!

May Recap

Clark's having a second open house on Sunday- you should come!  12-1:30, all the cool people are doing it! Clark Open House

He's a charmer just looking to adopt the right family.  Check out the listing HERE.  Be sure to share the info if you know someone house hunting in the Worcester area!

Ok, that's the end of today's shameless self-promotion.  I'm heading over there today to do some minor staging to (hopefully) dazzle the hoards of potential buyer that'll come by.  Yes, hoards- I'm being optimistic.

Shockingly, I haven't attacked any additional items with spray paint since the chairs: I've been trying to get ready for vacation- laundry, cleaning, ya know, the usual.  After my college roommate's wedding this weekend, we're off to sunny (and HOT) Florida with friends- should be a fun time!  Even though I'll still be blogging next week, I don't think I'll be DIYing anything down there.  I do plan some adventuring, thrifting, and hard core relaxing, though.

Looking back at this past month, I'm shocked at how much I got done!!

Most notably, of course is the aforementioned Clark.  During the first few weeks of the month, we finished flipping our first ever flip house and got him on the market!

Me and Clark

For the Spring Pinterest Challenge, I baked cakes for Cutest-Nephew-Ever's 1st birthday...

Eli's first birthday cake

AND made a custom copper dot pillow.

DIY copper dot pillow

I got some amazing finds treasure hunting at the Brimfield antiques flea market,

Shawnee winking owl

set my sights on my previously undesigned front porch...

Porch target

...and went spray-paint-happy (here AND here).

Canary Yellow Thrifted Table

DIYed a stylish ipad sleeve,

DIY ipad Case sleeve

And last, but not least.... Launched this new, redesigned website!

I think I've earned a vacation, don't you?