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Summer Eclectic Home Tour 


Welcome if you're new here!  Even if you aren't new, you're in for a treat today as I partner up with some amazing eclectic bloggers to bring you a summer home tour!


The past few months have been a bit of a blur.  With design work, Hubby changing jobs, still hunting for flip house #6, and getting this new website together all while helping plan my sister-in-law's wedding this past weekend, I'm not sure where 2016 has gone so far!  I'm ready to freshen things up a bit and jump head first into summer!


I'm in simplification mode.  My style often swings between maximalist and minimalist.  I'm pretty sure my little house has reached max capacity, so I'm on a "get rid of all the things" kick.  Anything that's not currently in use (any maybe some things that are) are in danger of getting sold at a tag sale in a few weeks.


Part of my simplification also involved painting over my turquoise striped living room walls just a few weeks ago.  It's amazing how a simple wall color shift changes the entire feel of a room!  I'm excited now to be able to bring in some more vibrant colors and patterns that having turquoise striped walls just didn't allow.  Well, I mean I could have before, but I really didn't want to give myself or my guest's a headache from design over-load.


I will begrudgingly admit, almost half of my house is different grays now, but when I do color, I do COLOR- just check out our dining room.  I naturally have some projects planned for the dining room, but never fear, purple is not going anywhere.


If you know me at all, you know I love the story behind a home and my own home is no different.  The MCM dining chairs were a side of the road find and the piano, while it's seen better days, was my grandmother's piano that I grew up playing.


I'm not sure I've even photographed the bedroom as a whole in the past year since we uncovered and and had the original wide plank pine floors refinished.


Between the 116+ year old floors and my $10 tag sale rug, I could stare at this all day.




I was able to sneak up on an unwitting model as she slept.  #putacatonit


Next stop on today's tour is Sarah at {Home-ology} Modern Vintage- pop on over, say HI and check out what space she's sharing!  While you're at it, check out all the tours so far from this week.  There's been some pretty amazing spaces shared so far!!


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Crash! A NEW Era

It's been quite a while since I posted a "Crash!" feature- almost a year actually!  Let's not do that again.  This time, I was a house crash-er at my parent's new (ish) house. About 3 years ago, I shared a mini home tour (which was looking back was mostly vignettes) with you just before my parents moved out of the home I grew up in.

parents dining room

For some silly reason, they wanted to live closer to their children and grandchildren.  So they sorted through 30 years of living in one home, held a huge tag sale, packed up the rest, and moved about 2 hours away.

Flashing to the present, Mom is just about as addicted to blogs as I am.  She decided to take the new house as an opportunity to reinvent her style, and reinvent she did!  She used to gravitate toward antique and Americana and now, while the antiques are still present, the home has a fresh, airy feel.

House Crash! Airy Cape Living Room via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape Living Room via Year of Serendipity

I am definitely a product of both my parents.  Example: the white bookcase above.  The base of the bookcase showed up in the last tour, but looking a bit differently:

Red antique buffet via Year of Serendipity

My dad built the hutch top/bookshelf and my mom refinished and painted the whole thing.  I kind of love it.  Like the true librarian she is, Mom uses stacked books throughout the house to tell a story with the titles. Notice: Homes, Not so Big House, Living in New England, and House of Dreams

House Crash! Airy Cape Book Story via Year of Serendipity

Mom's most recent furniture refinishing project shows up in the dining room.  The antique table that I grew up abusing using, got a fresh coat of paint on the base with some light distressing.  It looks like it was meant to be this way all along!

House Crash! Airy Cape Dining Room via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape Dining Room via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape Vignette via Year of Serendipity


House Crash! Airy Cape Plant Window via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape Bathroom via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape Bedroom via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape Bedroom via Year of Serendipity

Mr. Fiddle Leaf Fig there is the sibling to my dying IKEA one.  Clearly Mom's doing something right because he's more than doubled in height!

House Crash! Airy Cape Bedroom via Year of Serendipity

Mom's styling stamp is all throughout the house (with Dad's approval of course), but his styling is evident on his dresser: vintage toy car, cut book "P" that he and Mom made a la Anthro, and a vintage cast iron mailbox bank.  Mom might have had her hand in the pile of books, though.  I believe one of the books is titled Man of my Dreams.  How delightfully cheesy are they?? (xoxo)

House Crash! Airy Cape with a Story via Year of Serendipity

Even the outside has their touches all over it.  A pop of color door with new, beefier trim around it, neutral shutter, a bountiful garden and a sweet house number sign off etsy (if my mind serves me right).

House Crash! Airy Cape with a Story via Year of Serendipity

House Crash! Airy Cape with a Story via Year of Serendipity

While they had 30 years to personalize their last home, I think my parents have done quite nicely in the relatively short amount of time they've been in this house- isn't it beautiful??

If you live in the central MA or Boston area and want to see your home Crash!ed on the blog, e-mail me (karen@yearofserendipity.com) a few pics and a bit of the story of your home.  I'd love to make this a regular feature!