Affordable Pillow Sources


Affordable pillow sources Did you guys ever see the Space Bags pillow commercial?  It's hilarious and probably hits a wee bit to close to home for many of us.  Look, there's a reason why pillows are addicting.  They're small, can be relatively inexpensive, easy to switch out, and are one of the best ways to soften and add interest to a room.  I drool over the pricey designer pillows naturally, but you really don't have to spend a ton to make it look chic and stylish!  Here are some of my favorite affordable pillow sources:

Society 6

You could get lost in a rabbit hole for hours on this site.  Society 6 partners with hundreds of thousands of artists who upload their original work and you can get those works as art prints, on cell phone cases, t-shirts, clocks, mugs, and pretty much anything.... including pillows!

Society6 pillows

Society6 pillows 1/2/3

West Elm

Who doesn't love West Elm these days?  With mid century modern all the rage, West Elm has you covered.  Pillow-wise, they're great for both bold batterns and textural neutrals.

West Elm pillows

West Elm pillows 1/2/3

H&M Home

Honestly, I always forget that H&M has a home section.  My local H&M doesn't stock home items (sadface) but I stopped in one while on vacation a little over a month ago and it seriously took all my willpower not to buy all the things.

H&M Home pillows

H&M Home pillow 1/2/3


Target has a pretty extensive pillow collection both in stores and online.  They've definitely been upping their decor game by leaps and bounds in the past few years and the pillows are no different.  There's certainly some duds to sift through, but when they're good, they're REALLY good.

Target pillows

Target pillows 1/2/3

World Market

While their seasonal patterns aren't making me jump for joy currently, World market has some great go to colors and textures ideal for layering.

World Market pillows

World Market pillows 1/2/3

TJ Maxx/Homegoods

I'm lumping these together since they're the same company although only TX Maxx has an online store.  This may be my #1.  Sift through the generic beachy prints and geometric patterns and you're likely to find something that feels really special.

TJ Maxx pillows

TJ Maxx pillows 1/2/3

Don't you just want them all?  If you have any store you'd like to add to the list, please share in the comments!  Share your pillow source secrets!

High-Low Challenge

You guys had so much fun with the last High-Low Challenge, let's make it a regular! Here’s how it works.  In each category, one item will be higher priced and one more budget friendly.  Can you guess which is which??  Leave your guesses in the comments and let me know how you scored!!

Funky Brass Chandeliers:

High Low Challenge Chandelier


English Roll Arm Sofa:

High Low Challenge Sofa


Fun Floor Poufs:

High Low Challenge pouf

Chandelier- 1/2, Sofa- 1/2, Pouf- 1/2

Well?  What's the verdict?

Whether you guessed right or completely wrong, hopefully this goes to show that you can have style at any budget!

Around the Web

Even though this winter hasn't been drastically cold or snowy, it's still been winter and hibernation is hard to fight.  While my to-do list continues to grow, so does my inspiration list, so I figured I would share some things that have caught my attention around the web recently. *Please practice responsible pinning and sourcing by visiting the original sources that I have linked, and pin directly from their pages.  Thanks!!**

White kitchens are EVERYWHERE these days.  I'm guilty of a few myself, but there are so many more options than just replacing or painting cabinets when it comes to modernizing and freshening up a dark, dated kitchen.  Jen Stagg took her client's space from dark and gloomy to bright and airy.  Check out the befores and more juicy afters on her blog, With Heart.

As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, I'm always drawn to cat furniture that doesn't look it.  This gorgeous piece from the Korean pet furniture company, Stay Stay would look just as chic displaying a record collection and turntable as it does as a cat bunkbed.

image via A.Park.C.

If you haven't seen Target's new kids home collection, Pillowfort by now, you might be living under a rock, but I'd be happy to help you see the light.  I swear every time I turn around, Target is stepping up their style game.  While all together, the items create adorable kid spaces, many of the items could mix amazingly in with almost any decor to add a whimsical touch.  I mean, come on.... there's a stuffed unicorn head to mount on your wall.  10 year old me wants one.  Next friend to have a baby is getting the octopus (because it's probably not socially acceptable for a 31 year old with no kids to buy herself one...)

Pillowfort for Target

And if you're just itching for Spring, like I am, an easy switch-up to brighten your space is artwork.  Over the weekend, I came across this post of a very simply DIY macrame wall hanging on Brit+Co.  Normally textile wall hangings are a bit too boho for my particular tastes, but this one's just simple and graphic.  I dig it.

Speaking of simple and graphic, fresh off the blog presses this morning: Everything is Awesome.  Chelsea at Lovely Indeed whipped up this printable artwork that's sure to get the Lego Movie song stuck in your head, which I consider a bonus- that song always boosts my energy by about 75%!

What's caught your attention in recent days?  Are you adding DIYs to your spring to do list like I am?