Going Green

My house is very happy.  Or at least it should be- I know I am.  I'm absolutely in love with the new door color. sea-glass-door

Apparently it was exactly 2 years ago (2 years ago tomorrow to be exact) that I last blogged about painting the door.  I enjoyed the cranberry color, but it was starting to feel stuffy and oppressive.  There's nothing stuffy and oppressive about the new color- Sea Glass Green!  Swoon!  (yes, I have a thing for this color)


Hm, I apparently need to straighten the porch light.  And for those paying super-close attention, yes we did kill some of the sod we so lovingly planted last fall.  We're good like that.  But the door!  I heart the door.  Have I mentioned that?  See how nicely it goes with the newly re-done front porch now?

porch door

Are you in love with Sea Glass Green as much as I am?