Not Enough Doing

My brain is everywhere and nowhere right now.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this way sometimes. I'm trying to get some pricing/scope info about our potential next flip (who in the world would enclose walls and start finish painting without ANY plumbing or HVAC in the house?!?!), all while working to fix the wood rot around our back door, get our kitchen install coordinated and scheduled (and plan how to organize it one it's installed), refinish my desk and Hubby's desk, help my sister with some projects around her house, organize my life closets and basement... and this is all swimming around in my head with other projects I want to DIY before the next flip starts (hopefully VERY soon).  Sometimes I just make my head hurt.


This weekend will be devoted to accomplishing and checking things off the list, NOT adding anything new to my To Do list (you're welcome Hubby).  I'll also make sure to check some fun things off my list to share with you (since I have a feeling you wouldn't consider filing about 2 years worth of neglected papers good reading for a blog).

Hope you have a good and productive weekend too!

image via pinterest original unknown