Furniture hunting

...for what, I'm not  entirely sure.  The found buffet that we were hoping could turn into a TV stand is dwarfed by our new 42" tv and I can't bring myself to spend the money on the Pottery Barn one I like, so I'm on the prowl.  I want to create a focal point but I'm not quite sure how yet.  I have many ideas.  Most of my ideas, however, involve finding a vintage piece, or vintage parts and creating something awesome.  I won't be able to go antique shopping  for a few weeks at least, but I'm already planning trips: New England Demolition & Salvage

Salvage Chic Antiques

I grew up in a house of antiques and I am excited to welcome them into our new home strategically.  I'm super excited to start living there and watch the house evolve.  The more stuff I bring over, the more anxious I get-  7 days left of apartment living!!

I know I promised to post every day, but let's be realistic folks.  My realistic goal is to post every WEEKDAY.  Weekends seem to fill up far to fast as it is.

Have a good weekend!