Upholstery Progress

Wow, Wednesday totally snuck up on me.  It is Wednesday, right? Hubby and I are a little under the weather today, but I'm doing my best to power through it.  I always seem to feel better when I distract myself than when I just take it easy... Which is good because I have several larger projects that I'm determined to get done this week.  I'm showing some teasers on instagram, but I'll wait until I have the completed projects to show you.

Tonight especially I need to power through this stupid cold, because it's upholstery night!  I LOVE upholstery night!!

Last week when I left my beautiful antique chair at the end of the class, it was finally starting to look like something.  The entire chair is newly cushioned, covered in muslin, and ready for the pretty fabric on top.  That starts tonight.

antique chair progress 1

Once all the fabric gets attached to the front, then the outside of arms and bottom of the back will get closed up last.  One huge thing that I've learned about reupholstery (especially on a piece like this), is that the most important thing is the order in which you do things.  The seat needs fabric before I can attach the back and arm fabric.  I find the process fascinating.

antique chair progress 2

Even though it's been a bit nerve-wracking tearing apart a chair that I love so much, the result is totally going to be worth it.  My living room is going to thank me!  What's even better is that I still have this chair's sibling- the formerly matching settee- sitting in the basement.  Knowing how to reupholster the chair will give me the ability to reupholster it's slightly wider counterpart in the future.

Now back to today's regularly scheduled programming projects.  Have an awesome Wednesday!