DIY Horn Amplifier

About a month ago, I showed you a teaser of this antique horn I intended to DIY. antique horn

I snatched it up from an antiques market nearby for $10 and I knew exactly what I planned to do with it straight off the bat.

Doesn't it look like and iphone speaker/amplifier to you?

antique horn diy pieces

Ok, how about now?

antique horn iphone amplifyer / speaker DIY

And it works!  It almost doubles the sound output of the iphone speaker and it's pretty.  Sold!

I started by trimming the extra length off both the horn and the pvc tube.

horn diy pieces trimmed

Then, with the end caps on the pvc, I neatly (ha!) traced approximately where my phone would sit.

pvc iphone trace

I placed the piece in my vice and used a drill to open up the slot.

pvc iphone drill

After drilling, I used a file and sandpaper to smooth out the opening and make it just right for my phone to sit in.  I also used a fine sandpaper over all the exposed pvc and end caps to remove any markings and shine.  Eventually, I ended up with this:

horn diy pvc

All that was left was putting this together with my cool horn.

antique horn iphone amplifyer / speaker closeup

How fun is it that a few cheap pieces of PVC and an old horn can turn into this?

antique horn iphone amplifyer

I love the idea reusing something probably close to 100 years old to enhance a piece of modern technology.  Are you swooning with me?

antique horn iphone amplifyer from above

I'm linking this project up over at East Coast Creative and throwing my hat in the ring for Creating with the Stars.  Come over and click on my project (I'm #61) and show your support!

antique horn iphone amplifyer style