DIY Problem-Solving

I'm not sure how it got to be Friday, this week has been a blur of last minute plans, fighting sickness, and trying to trouble-shoot a few DIY projects. DIY problem #1- making attempts to permanently fix a dresser promised to a friend that keeps balking at me and coming unfixed when I turn my back.  When will people stop leaving perfectly awesome furniture out on the curb in the rain??  If they had just put it for free on craigslist, I wouldn't still be arguing with a warped top that refuses to stay where I put it.  That being said, it MAY be fixed now, but I'm waiting to make sure before it gets painted.  I WILL NOT let a dresser get the best of me!!  Rant over.

My other DIY problem to solve is a bit more fun and a bit more photogenic currently.

bookcase build sketch

It's less of a problem and more of a puzzle- figuring out how to put all the pieces together to build the corner bookcase of my dreams.  Lucky for me, I don't have to reinvent the wheel.  When I was starting to plan for this project, after I had my plans sketched out, but before I really planned out the construction, I came upon this:

remodelaholic bookcase tutorial

Remodelaholic's detailed plans for a corner built-in bookcase.  Not only do they tell how they created it, they show it step by step in 3d.  Thanks guys for the awesome tutorial!!  I obviously need to modify it a bit to make it work for my space, and I'll be adding on another level of detail to make it match the existing wood detailing that's right across the room:

dining room trim detail

but Remodelaholic's plans were such a great place to start!  Finding the tutorial helped make the project a lot less intimidating.  Phew!

So far I have the whole thing planned out and the shell constructed on my wall.  I've added a little extra blocking on the top to make it easier to attach my small crown molding (which I have discovered is not true crown, but actually "bed molding" since it's so small),

bookcase top structure

and also added a little extra blocking at the base to help me level it with my not-so-level-114+-year-old house.  All the gaps at the floor, ceiling, walls, will be covered with trim and caulked to make it look like it's always been here.

bookcase bottom structure

I'm already shocked at how sturdy it feels, I can imagine it'll only get sturdier the more I glue/nail together.  Today it'll get shelves!  and maybe I'll even start applying some finish trim... we'll see how it goes.  I can not wait for this project to be finished!!

I hope you have some fun projects planned for this weekend too!