Sayonara Scallops

Happy Monday! I know that's extraordinarily cheerful for a Monday, but I'm just excited- today, we bid adieu to the pink bathtub!  Naturally, I'm going to make you wait until Friday to see it, though, in my weekly flip update.  OK, maybe I'll put a sneak peek on instagram if you're lucky.

On the topic of saying farewell to dated 50s home elements, let's visit my parent's house.  It's been quite a while since we visited one of their home projects.  My parent's approach to DIY is a lot like mine, but more productive and strategic (unlike my usual philosophy of "I'll figure it out as I go").   Even they're 'little' projects are pretty awesome.

Check out the latest transformation in their dining room:

hutch before and after

By just removing the scallop and switching out the doors, the built-in went from 50s not-so-chic to pretty darn timeless!

new hutch doors

I should also mention- Handy Dad built the new doors from scratch (go Dad!).  This is why I beg let him teach me how to make/build/fix things.

Cheers to a productive week and updating antiquated 50s design elements!