Liquid Gold

Among my lofty plans for this here lil'ol' blog this year is to share at least one DIY with you guys each week.  My goals were only reinforced when I discovered that my DIY infinity scarf (and dorky headless selfie that went with) has been my most popular post on pinterest to date!  If you're new here from pinterest, Welcome!!!  Even if you aren't new here from pinterest, I still love you- there's enough to go around! Last week, I told you about all my super duper exciting (to me) living room plans.  And I am impatient.  Unfortunately, my built in bookcase will be waiting until I'm done working on Frankie-the-Fliphouse, and a new sofa won't be purchased until said fliphouse is sold, so if I want to get started on this room, I have to start small.

Like painting a coffee table.  or rather 2 coffee tables.  Our coffee tables are these from Overstock and they are perfect for our space.


As I mentioned in my plans post, I'll be dialing back a bit of the high contrast in the furniture (don't you worry, much excitement will come with the accessories), so I decided our black and glass coffee table should be less black.  and more gold.


Nothing was wrong with the black per se, I just think the gold will go better with the end result of the room.  I decided to give liquid leaf a try as opposed to a flat-looking spray paint.


For such a small jar, this has a very strong odor, so be warned.


After one coat, I debated leaving it streaky for a pseudo-deliberate antique look, but decided to go whole-hog and make it all solid gold.  Aside from the stench, I'm so far pleased with the finish that the liquid gold achieved- it's a little bit more dimensional than most gold paints and somehow looks more 'real', although that may just be me trying to justify the time this took vs. spray paint.


I still have to do a few small touch-ups and seal it somehow, but so far I totally dig it.  Once the rest of the space transforms, they'll fit in perfectly.  And if they don't, the miracle of spray paint will transform them magically back to black, but I have a feeling they'll have a long life in their new gold forms.


I hope I'm not the only one with the urge to paint everything gold lately- maybe I'm just craving a little sparkle in the dull winter months.  That must be it.  Sound's like a plausible excuse reason to me.