Frankie: Week 10

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. One very big, very exciting thing happened this week at Frankie:

week 10 kitchen 1

The kitchen cabinets were installed!  I had totally forgotten how big this kitchen is!  It'll look even better with a backsplash and a dresser island- I can't wait!!   The view above is my favorite view in the whole house- you can see the cabinets and the totally done hallway.  Yay progress!  If you don't look at the rest of the house, this view looks almost done.

week 10 kitchen 2

Now I'm just impatient for the countertops to be installed (they got templated this week) so that I can get to the backsplash.  Oh the backslash.  It's gonna be sexy.  mad sexy.  and I can't wait to install it!  Especially since I'm 100% over painting at this point.  I got a ton of painting done this week, but there's still a lot to go.  Painting stained wood trim white in an entire house takes lots and lots of coats... who knew??

Paint roundup:

Kitchen: 95% painted (walls, trim, ceiling, closet: done, but the back door needs a second coat)

Bathroom: 95% painted (ceilings still need touching up)

Hall: 100% painted!! (including the hall closet!)

Back bedroom: 75% painted (all trim is done and there's a first coat on both the walls and ceiling)- this should be 100% by the end of today

Other 2 bedrooms: 20% painted (I haven't touched these rooms in weeks)

Living room: 5% painted (now that it's not taken over by kitchen boxes anymore, I can dig in here next week)

Basement: 0% painted.... I'll deal with this area once the more important upstairs is all done

week 10 closets

I'm especially tired from painting closets.  Among all the other painting, I've painted 3 closets in the past 3 days.  It's a great workout, though, doing multiple layers way up high and way down low... stair stepper and squats all in one.  My legs are thanking cursing me.

In a few much needed painting breaks, I also replaced a few more lights in the house.  Slowly, but surely, they'll all get replaced and be bright and beautiful.

week 10 lights

Whilst I was covering my hands and clothes (and maybe a few walls) in paint, the electrician was plugging away (I didn't notice the pun until I started proof-reading, ha).  As you may have seen on instagram, he replaced all of the old, dingy, yellow light switches and outlets for fresh, clean, white ones.  What a difference!  Even in the unpainted rooms, it looks refreshed!

week 10 switches

In addition, he also fixed the broken doorbell, updated the wiring and added outlets in the kitchen, and started on a box for the sconce above the sink.

With holidays and a last minute vacation in the midst of this flip, it won't be done in 12 weeks like Clark was, but I hopefully won't be too far behind.  I feel so behind when I look at Clark's week 10 update.  Our goal is still to list at the end of January, though.  Weather and window install are the only 2 items that might push it back a couple weeks, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

With the kitchen cabinets in, though, this house is finally starting to feel livable again and completion doesn't seem so far away.