Pin and Tell: Regency Rustic

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This week’s Pin

rustic regency


I love the balance of this space.  Half the elements are very formal and traditional, and the other half are weathered and rustic.  The balance of these two seemingly opposite aesthetics creates such a sophisticated, relaxed vibe.  As a color-phile, I do want to throw in a few bright accessories, however, but that's just me.  The map is amazing, don't you agree?  I'll admit, though, I don't quite get the karate-chopped pillow look that I keep seeing everywhere...  What did the pillow do to deserve such violence??

I picked this space today because my personal obsession focus has really switched to my bedroom.  Since the introduction of my amazing new bench, I feel like the rest of the room needs to live up to it!  I got new bedside lamps (the jury's still out- I'll blog about it later this week), and most of the elements in the space are currently kinda formal.  Since we're not formal people, I need to find items that will add a relaxed aesthetic into the mix.

What room is your current design focus?