You Will Not Win, Winter!!

I am solar powered.  Warm sunny days motivate me to get sh*t done (like yesterday- yay!). Can you imagine what dark cold days do to me?  Yup, I hibernate.  By the end of winter, there's usually a butt print on the sofa and I've caught up on all the reruns of my favorite shows (twice).  Every year I vow "not this year!" but I REALLY mean it this winter!!  I have a list of projects 5 miles long and a hubby who's getting sick of my 5 mile long project list taking up room in the dining room and basement. (Sorry Babe!)

The way I figure it, if I vow to you that this winter will be different, then I have you guys to be accountable to.  So here goes!

I have 2 rooms in my sights currently: my bedroom and my basement.  I already mentioned my bedroom in this post , but the basement has been my deep dark secret (pun intended).... until now.

Brace yourself, it ain't pretty:

I'm a gal who always has at least 1 project going on.  Now that we have a house, my projects are bigger, messier, and take up much more room.  oops.  The dining room has been the work room up till now, but that makes it tough to have guests over for dinner.  If you're anything like me, not having guests over, means that the house doesn't get as clean as it probably should...... "Who, me?" Yes, you.  Well, I miss having friends over for dinner and I miss having the house ready to show off to guests (I'm an interior designer here, I see my house as a living 3d portfolio).  So what's the solution to my woes and what does it have to do with the horrific basement shown above?

I'll give you a hint- it involves a LOT of organizing, and some craigslist shopping.

I'm tackling my basement once and for all!  First and foremost, there will be a work/project area with all my tools organized (lets pause for a sec and appreciate those 2 beautiful words: organized tools.... ).  There will also be a dedicated, organized storage area, and a totally reorganized laundry area.  Do you see a trend?  ORGANIZED!!  IF I'm feeling really ambitious, I might actually make the random toilet in our basement feel less random, although I really have no idea how yet.

The first step is the toughest though... purging and organizing.  I forced myself to get this started last weekend and donated about 10 tons of clothes to Savers (like GoodWill or Salvation army).  When we moved, we got rid of a lot (believe it or not), but we still have stuff that we kept 'in case we needed it' that we haven't used in a year.  If I don't remember you exist, you don't need to take up space in my basement.

Once I do a major purge and get started on the organizing, craigslist is going to help me find some pieces to organize and maybe give a little pizazz to my work area.  My dad mentioned that my Grandpa used to use old dressers to hold his tools and such- I love this idea!  Power tools stored in a cool old dresser, maybe painted an awesome color?  Doesn't sound like me at all.

If I'm cooped in the house all winter, I might as well make it productive.  Now I just have to force myself to dig in and do it!

Do you have any cold weather projects planned?