Pin and Tell: Bold Dining

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This week’s Pin


We're going to pretend that the disco ball doesn't exist.  If you subtract that monstrosity, I think the dining room is near perfection.  My opinion of the room actually surprises me, it's not the usual type room that I die over, but I'm totally swooning.  It's completely an unexpected composition and it.  is.  awesome.

I think it's the colors that really reach through the computer and grab me.  That green.  Oh, that green.  *sigh* I know that green doesn't float everyone's boats, but I'm drawn to it like a squirrel to a bird feeder.  In fact, we painted our office very close (although not AS bright).  The crown moulding of brown at the top grounds the green and gives a very contemporary color a more traditional vibe.  The blue sideboard and the cranberry on the chairs are supporting players and just look sooo rich.  I, for one, would NEVER have thought to put those colors together in that composition, but I'm so glad they did.  Those birds!  Did you expect me not to comment? I want to be a part of that flock.

Apparently it is possible to be regal and whimsical at the same time.  This room is proof of that.