Nice Knobs

I'm starting to get very excited about our impending new kitchen cabinets.  I got a superly duperly amazing deal on Kraftmaid semi-custom cabinets at Home Depot ($2000 off!), making them the same price as IKEA cabinets (and making me giddy).  I'm a little excited to finally work on the one room in this house that I've been ignoring for the past 2.5 years.  The new cabinets will effectively double the storage space in the kitchen and I'm so ready to get them organized.  In just over 2 weeks, they'll be delivered! (excuse the blurry iphone pic- I took this pic originally to text Hubby for his approval on the colors)

cabinet colors

Inquiring minds want to know: DIY vs. Full install.  That's the million dollar question.

Because the cabinets will arrive all put together, but our floors are FAR FAR FAR from level, I opted to get the cabinets and the vent hood ducting that will be running through one run of cabinets installed by the pros.  I am able to save a TON of money, though, by doing the demo, floor protection, and all the other prep myself, so that's exactly what I plan to do.  By the time the kitchen installers arrive, the walls will be cabinet free, freshly painted, and ready for the cabinets to go up.  I'm hoping that even with all this work, the kitchen will only be out of commission for just over a week... 2 tops.  We're planning on lots of grilling and sucking up to our friends to have dinner at their places (hear that my wonderful friends?).

Until then I'm trying to get all the details ironed out so that once the cabinets arrive on Aug 7th, we'll be able to get it all installed in one fell swoop.  Which means that I need to make a decision on the hardware!

I'm leaning toward antique brass to add a little vintage pizazz (and I do have a thing for the cup pulls)

My Knobs Brass Pulls

or do I do something a little more modern and traditional (that might be better for resale when we eventually move) with all chrome pulls and no knobs?

Martha Stweart Chrome Pull

Very different options, but both could look absolutely amazing.  I'm torn- the brass are more stylized and what I'm kind of obsessing about digging right now, although the chrome might have a bit more lasting appeal.

Should I go with my gut and go brass?

Hardware sources: 1/2/3