Flip Finding Frustrations

sold-clark We closed on selling Clark last week, so we can now officially call ourselves house flippers!  (commence happy dances!)  Now we need to find the next, no pressure.  I won't lie, although getting a nice check from the sale was kind of awesome, the buying and selling and the house hunting and negotiating is my least fave part about flipping.  Luckily it's Hubby's favorite part, though, so I guess that's why we make a good team.

The owner of the house I mentioned last week that we want to rescue is stupid stubborn and is holding on to the house, convinced she can get an illogical price for it.  poo.  It's not going to sell at that price, just rot into the ground, which makes us very very sadface, but what else can we do.  Maybe she'll come to her senses in a few months, but until then, we have to move on.

We also have been waiting to hear on a short sale for quite a while and neither of us are holding our breath. It just needs some love and reviving (and new paint!).


Even our agent isn't optimistic of the bank ever coming to a conclusion on this short sale, though, which means it's back to house-hunting for me!

The pickings are slim right now for flips in our price range.  Most of the houses I've seen are just ridiculous.  And I'm not talking about ridiculous with ugly tile or stinky carpet- I'm talking ridiculous like I can put my hand flat on the ceiling (and I'm only 5'6") or an in-law suite addition that's only accessible through the bathroom/laundry room with no way to change it.  Silly people with their silly houses, bad renovations, and illogical additions.  If I can't make sense of a house, a buyer won't be able to either- and if I can't sell it, it's not worth flipping.

This house has potential, even with the glitter all over the ceilings(!), but some structural wonkiness worries me (yes, wonkiness is a totally technical term)- this one would be a can of worms, ya know, after you peel back the dozens of wallpapers throughout the house (5 in the living room alone!!!) and I'm not sold on the location.  It's not off my list entirely, but it's not a front-runner.


I'll be off checking out some more (hopefully) diamonds in the rough tomorrow and I'm crossing my figures we'll  find our next flip SOON!

I'm getting antsy to play with more power tools here!