Down to Business

I don't know about you, but this heat wave is really having an effect on me.  We aren't lucky enough to have central air (at least not yet), so we only have AC in the bedroom.  It's tough to stay productive when you're melting, let me tell you. Now that the new site's been up for a few months, I've been itching to get new blog business cards made, and with a groupon to Vistaprint burning a hole in my pocket, it was time!  My old blog business cards were printed on my computer, had nothing to do with the new site style, and had out-of-date social media info.  It was time.

I created the design in photoshop, then sent it off to get printed just over a week ago.  I was so excited when they came in yesterday's mail!  Aren't they pretty?

Serendipity business cards

It's on the front and back of recycled matte cardstock and I love the simplicity!

With my pretty new cards, I naturally felt the need to zazz up the simple leather business card case that I already had.

With some frogtape, paint, and sandpaper, this:


became this is no time:

leather mint DIY business card case

I taped off the area to paint, painted, then roughed the whole thing up a bit once it was dry for a more worn look.  Much sassier than when it started, don't you think?

Now I just need to go to a blog conference and put these to good use!!  I'm thinking I might go out on a limb and go to Alt Summit this winter- who's in??