Before moving, I made a big deal about getting rid of the ceiling fan and installing a beautiful new light... yet I've been silent about it since.  Curious. Let me break the suspense. We installed it. Its dimmable. It works. It needs futzing with and I've been avoiding dealing with it.

It's much easier on the eyes than the ceiling fan, but it still needs some love.  It needs leveling, but I'm procrastinating on that until I figure out what to do with the ceiling...  As you can see from the picture below, the hole from the ceiling fan was larger.  The way I see it, I have 2 options: patch the ceiling hole, or install a medallion.

I'm leaning toward medallion- it will cover the hole, help direct the light a bit better (so the light doesn't emphasize the ceiling defects as it does now), and hopefully help to create a bit more of a feature.  My inclination is to get a medallion that is larger than the 16" light and then (eventually) add some simple decorative moulding to the ceiling.

My only hesitation is that you don't normally see medallions with this kind of light (although that reasoning usually doesn't stop me).

I'd love to hear your feedback!