Handmade Holiday 2014

Last week I touched upon buying handmade and unique holiday gifts.  I couldn't very well ignore the option of DIY gifts as well, now could I? Admittedly, this year I haven't made the time to make personalized items for the special people on my list, but I certainly have an arsenal of DIY ideas in my archives that could be pretty awesome to unwrap.

My personal favorite for ease of creation, coziness, wearability, and all around utility is the infinity scarf.


Once you get the hang of making one, you can bang each one out in 10min or less with my infinity scarf tutorial from last Christmas.  All you need is a yard of fun jersey fabric and a sewing machine!  (side note- Girl Charlie has some stellar jersey fabrics available)

For the lover of tech and all things beautiful, how about an iphone dock made from an old book?


or maybe a custom ipad case?

DIY vinyl ipad case

For the Christmas decor addict, you really can't go wrong with a chic ornament like these rustic wooden bead ornaments or clay patterned ornaments.


diy clay ornaments via yearofserendipity

Invited to an endless number of holiday parties and don't want to show up empty-handed?  How about a cute leather tassel keychain as a hostess gift?  Or take this to the next level and attach a tassel to napkin rings... or remove the ring and add a hook for a Christmas ornament.  Oh the possibilities!


That's the fun part about handmade gifts, isn't it- the possibilities?  You can really customize something that your loved one will truly appreciate.