Millie: Week 15

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  This flip, Millie is the most challenging and most exciting yet! You can find more about this house and about my 3 previous flip houses here. Guys, this is the week I've been impatiently waiting for.  The stars aligned, contractor's schedules cleared, and progress finally took leaps and bounds.  Glorious progress.  It's not the glamorous things like tile or paint JUST YET, but everything that happened this week means that those are not far away.  *relieved happy dance*

This may look like a mess to you, but to me I see wiring for sconces, plumbing for the new sink and wall mounted faucet, and it's just waiting for me to enclose it all with shiplap.


The upstairs bathroom now has this great thing called a sub-floor.


Nice and sturdy.  Next up comes the backer board and then next week, tile!  (once the hot/cold supply lines for the sink get moved into the wall for the wall-hung sink.... I just noticed that now)

While the heating system was down for a few days, my wood flooring guys pulled out all of the radiators on the first floor in order to sand under them.  While they were sanding, I was cleaning each of them and giving them a fresh coat of spraypaint.  All 6 radiators on the first floor are looking shiny and clean (pay no attention the messy walls behind)


In the very near future, the below view will no longer exist- it will be staring at a wall.  The new master closet walls and ceiling are now completely framed in and awaiting electrical then drywall.  Drywall for that area will be a HUGE turning point in which I will no longer be able to walk through the kitchen or back hallway into the new master suite.  I hear people like privacy in their bedrooms.


While my plumbers, electrician, contractors, and flooring guys all plugged away this week, I kept myself busy as well.  The smallest task of which was replacing every knob and deadbolt on the exterior of the house except the front door so they now all use the same key and I don't have to walk around like a janitor with a ring of keys.  Down to 2! Front door and everywhere else.

I also got busy and fixed up and refinished the dresser that I will be using as a vanity for the new master bath.  This will be it's own post later on with much more detail.  The color is nowhere near accurate- it's a nice blue/gray that will look dreamy under the carrara marble top it will eventually have.  It is apparently difficult to photograph by candlelight with a single plug in light.  Still no overhead lights in this house, but we're getting closer!


With the upstairs totally wired (buhbye knob and tube!), the only room up there in need of construction is the bathroom.  The 3 bedrooms are ready for me to patch, paint, and make pretty.  So that's what I've started on!  Some walls are covered in wallpaper with about 17 layers of paint and other walls are completely sans wallpaper and showing off the rough, unfinished plaster.  Either way, they need some serious smoothing.  I've started skim-coating (thin layer of plaster patch).  The hallway is all coated and so is half of the former master bedroom.

The rough raw plaster is on the left and the right is my new skim coat.


Once everything is dry, I'll need to go crazy and sand everything, but the nice, smooth, regular walls will look sooo clean and fresh!  Just check out the texture of the hallway walls before:


And now with a fresh coat of plaster in need of being sanded:


If I can power through the wall patching and skim coating, maybe some painting will happen next week!!!  I'm not eager for that or anything....

Fingers crossed, but if all goes according to plan, next week you'll be seeing, paint, tile, and maybe even a light fixture or two!

Have a wonderful weekend!