Antiquey Goodness

Ok, let's try this post- Take 2!  (Take 1 was sacrificed to a frozen computer) I've been really trying not to add clutter to this house.  "Trying" is the operative word here.  The way I see it, when an item keeps nagging at you for almost a month, your intuition is trying to tell you to take it home.

Our story starts just about a month ago.  In my hunt for a cabinet for Millie the fliphouse (there's more story to tell here, but that'll be another day) I dragged Hubby to an antique shop around the corner from our house.  No cabinet fit the bill and we left empty handed.  On our way out, I quickly snapped this blurry phone pic of a rug.


And it proceeded to haunt me.  Why hadn't I asked the price?  Or looked at the size?  Where would I even put it?

A week and a half later it was still on my mind.

I swung by the shop to gather a bit more intel- size/price.  I had in my head going in that anything under $200 would be up for consideration.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when the price tag said $95.  Still, $95 plus the cost of a really good clean.... over $100 invested in a rug that I may or may not have a place for seemed a little steep.  I once again left empty handed.  Did I really need this rug?

I think you can see where this story is headed.

When another week and a half went by and it was still on my mind, yes, yes I really did need this rug.  On a whim this past weekend, I stopped by the shop on my way home.  Like many antique shops, they encourage haggling, so I made an offer of $65 expected to be haggled up to around $75.  After a quick phone call to the shop owner, my $65 offer was accepted with no counter!  Ok, if you insist.


At $65 plus cleaning, under $100 invested, I'm sure I can find a home for this guy either at my own home or as staging for my flips.  After it gets a nice, deep cleaning, it may find a home in our kitchen (as pictured below), our upstairs hallway if it fits, or maybe even Millie's kitchen.


So, do you agree with my nagging intuition- is this an awesome buy or what?