Friday Five

For today's "Friday Five" I wanted to share 5 instagram accounts that I've been finding some eye candy/inspiration in lately.  

Juniper Studio- If you've been a long-time design blog follower, you probably know Jenny from Little Green Notebook and Jenny's Print Shop, so it should be no surprise that her design studio is one I love to watch!


Moss and Blue- Julianne is an awesome local artist (and soon to be mamma) who's work I have loved for a while!  She's currently working on a custom painting for one of my clients and I can't wait to see it in the room when everything is all pulled together!!  The custom work in progress is the one on the easel.  Can you tell why I'm so excited?!?


Texture Florals-  The name says it all.  Every arrangement looks like it should be a still life oil painting.


New England Loom- Well, because a good vintage rug makes me weak at the knees and these guys have me pegged.  I'll take them all, please and thank you!


Studio McGee-  Living under a rock?  That might be the only way you aren't familiar with Studio McGee these days (And if you aren't, theres about a 97.9999% chance you've seen one of their spaces without realizing it).  I mean they only have 718 THOUSAND instagram followers.  Small potatoes.  Shea McGee seems to have layering textures down to a precise science.