Friday Five

Look at me blogging twice in a week!  Starting off today with a shameless plug- Did you see yesterday's office reveal???  Here's a bonus "action" shot taken by my studio-mate, Stephanie.  Check out her blog post about our office space here.

I'm pretty sure that social media algorithms are responsible for showing me every single post from Danielle Oakey Shop, and I'm not angry one bit.  I have yet to use any of her pillows in my projects, but what I'm seeing lately is SO GOOD that it's only a matter of time!!!

Everyone is gaga over peonies and peony season (I get it!  I'm excited too!) but I REALLY can't wait for the end of summer dahlia season!  I finally got my dahlia tubers in the ground last weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that all 17 grow!  Sorry, peonies, you're gorgeous, but dahlias are the bee's knees.

I'm starting to dream hard about our next house. With an almost toddler (!!??!!) in the mix, 1100sf with a postage stamp sized lot is starting to feel pretty tight. Realistically, with both Hubby and I self employed, moving most likely doesn't make sense for another couple years.... which has me thinking of doing some minor renos around here to make the most of what we have. I'm thinking bathroom refresh, a mud room, and ac. What luxuries! I'll of course let you in on any plans as they evolve!!

I've been trying to be more active in instagram, so if I seem quiet on facebook or here, you'll find the goodies over there!  I'd love to make sure to give you guys some special stuff over there.  I share a lot more of what I'm working on in real time, things that catch my eye, and design inspiration.  Message me any design questions you may have!  If I get enough, I'll do a whole Q&A on stories.  Maybe even a live???  Pop over to instagram, say hi, comment, watch stories, and let me know what you like seeing best!!