Frankie: Week 6

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. I'm not really sure where the time has gone on this flip!  Week 6 already??

Anyway...  The beginning of the week I spent doing more paint prep, scraping and sanding the bathroom ceiling and more of the exciting stuff, all to prepare for the contractors to finally get started!  I have handed over the complete bathroom installation and the kitchen/hall floor installation over to the pros and so far I'm very glad that I did!

After starting on Wednesday, they've made strides in both the kitchen and bath.  In the kitchen/hall, they already 100% desqueaked the creaky floors, installed backer board and cut back the door jams (so the tile can go underneath).  The room already looks so much bigger with the uniform, non-peel-and-stick floor, I can't wait to see the tile down!

week 6 kitchen

Speaking of tile, I picked up 1/3 of my tile order from Lowe's (apparently tile is ridiculously heavy and unless I want my Jeep to tip over, I shouldn't take it all at once... who knew??).  It's 18x18 and it's pretty.  22 more boxes left to pick up!

week 6 tile

In the bathroom, the contractors shimmed out the back wall, added new insulation and put down a new sub floor.  Walls in a house of this age were a strange material.  Not plaster and lathe, but 2 layers of plaster board making it an odd thickness.  Since they need the wall to be even with the window trim, they needed to furr it out a bit.

week 6 bathroom1

Again, already looking so much cleaner and nicer and we haven't even reached the finish work!

week 6 bathroom2

While they were cutting and screwing, I was trying to stay out of their way but still be productive.  I was able to get the trim and doors in 2 of the bedrooms all primed, although the third bedroom is the bathroom staging area with ALL the materials and supplies, so that one will have to wait.  And since it's one of my most asked questions, I'll be planning a post about painting wood trim.  It'll be enthralling, I promise.

week 6 primed trim

I also spent a good amount of time in the basement prepping the heater covers, trim that has been removed, and the bathroom doors for painting in the basement.  As you may have seen on instagram/facebook yesterday, I went crazy with my Critter sprayer again.  Have I mentioned my love for this tool?  Yes? ok.  Moving on.

week 6 basement paint

All of the interior door knobs now match with a fresh coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

week 6 orb knobs

After being in demo-land for over a month, it is nice to see finish work starting to happen!  By next week's post, there will be a dramatic difference, and I'm getting giddy about it!