Flying High

#5 on my 30 Before 30 list is: "Swing on a flying trapeze" Check!

A few months ago, a living social deal popped into my inbox that I couldn't refuse- a 2 hour flying trapeze class at TSNY Beantown.  I'd never done anything like this before, it sounded exciting AND I could check an item off my list!

Yesterday, in the first 'major' snow of the season, my sister and I ventured out in the ice and pseudo-plowed roads to risk our lives in another way (of course when I say risk our lives, I mean that we were completely harnessed in and safe, but the real danger was our hearts beating out our chests or an adrenaline overdose...)

I'm surprised I was able to jump off the platform that first time.


With your toes at the edge, you're supposed to lean forward (eek!) and jump on their command.... but oh it is fun once you do!


They taught us some pretty cool tricks like hanging from your knees, a backflip dismount (sounds impressive, no?), and how to do a catch!  One of the fantastic teachers, Keira was the rock star catcher- that takes some skill!


We had a blast, got an adrenaline high, and now have sore knees from the bar, but it was totally worth it!  If you have something like this in your vicinity, I'd highly recommend it.  Pun intended.


Plus I can now say that I've done a flip off of a flying trapeze.  No big.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?