Flip Plans: Bathroom

I'll be the first to admit, my plans for the bathroom aren't nearly as exciting as my kitchen plans (which I'm super excited to implement btw).  The bathroom is a much smaller space, so I have to be a little calmer.  You can rest assured, however, I will have some fun with brighter accessories when it comes to staging. flip bathroom plans

The shower is getting a fantastic white subway tile treatment much like Clark did.  It's a small space, but I'm trying to make it look as large and luxurious as possible (on the smallest budget- challenge accepted!).  Since I'm having a contractor put together this space, I'll need to get on top of buying all these pretty materials- chop chop!

I'm absolutely loving this bathroom via The Marion House Book- it incorporates a lot of my vision for the room & I found it AFTER I made all the decisions.  Great minds think alike.

marion house book bathroom

plan sources: mirrors/sconces/vanity/drawer pull/floor tile