DIY TV Cabinet Complete

I'm all done leading you on and ready to reveal my final DIY TV cabinet!  Before we get to the reveal, take a peek back at the building process. Now that I'm working primarily out of my home office/den I wanted to put more emphasis on the home office part instead of the den part.  This meant making the TV less of a focus.  I can't exactly hide the ugly elliptical that also sits in the room, but considering it's behind me while I'm at my desk I can pretend that it's not there.  There was no ignoring the big black box in front of me.

Office progress before

So like any crazy normal person, I decided to build a solution.  It still needs some minor tweaking to allow the doors to slide better, but HELLO!

DIY TV cabinet via Year of Serendipity

To mount it, I screwed the back directly into studs.  I wouldn't hang on it, but it's not going anywhere.

So during Copper Dot hours, the room is all business...

DIY TV cabinet via Year of Serendipity

...and when work time is over, the room becomes the den once again and the frames slide open to reveal the TV.

DIY TV cabinet via Year of Serendipity

With the frames being the star (and currently sporting temporary DIY art) I wanted to keep the styling as simple as possible on the sides.

DIY TV cabinet styling via Year of Serendipity

Don't be surprised to see some of this art evolve by the time I get to the final completion of the space.  For now, the 4 frames are filled with art from a $3 Target calendar that I couldn't resist.  It was from "The Spot" so it's not on their site.  That little corner of Target is dangerous....

DIY TV cabinet via Year of Serendipity

Embrace the mess.  Amen!  It's killing me, but I can't find the source of this awesome print.  Even Pinterest and Google Images failed me.  It was a free download ages ago that I've just been waiting to incorporate somewhere.  If you know where it originated, please share- I want to give credit where it's due and share the source with you guys!

DIY TV cabinet via Year of Serendipity

Seeing this part of the room come together just make me eager for the rest of the pieces to come together.  A roman shade, finishing my chair, and refacing the cubbie fronts will put the cherry on top of this make-over.

So what do you think??  Was my DIY TV cabinet worth the wait?