High-Low Challenge

Before we get to the fun stuff I have planned for today, I want to invite you to join me in a happy dance!  3 years ago this week was the biggest leap of my life.  I quit my job at an architecture firm and bought a house for the sole purpose to flip.  It still seams unreal.  3 years has been a blink of the eye and simultaneously a lifetime.  5 houses in 3 years ain't too shabby.  I'm also pleased to say that Dori is finally about to be handed off to her new owners and soon we'll focus on finding a house full of character to be my next flip challenge.  And now on to the fun!  

High/Low Challenge! 

Here's how it works.  In each category, one item will be higher priced and one more budget friendly.  Can you guess which is which??  Leave your guesses in the comments before you click any source links- no cheating!!

Let's start small.

Marble table lamps:

Lamp High/low challenge via Year of Serendipity

Fun and flirty tassel pillows:

pillow High/low challenge via Year of Serendipity

And how about some gorgeous

Danish modern side chairs:

Chair High/low challenge via Year of Serendipity


Lamps- 1/2, Pillows- 1/2, Chairs-1/2

Well, what are your votes?  Which are the more expensive pieces??  I may have tried to stump you just a little bit, but great proof that great style doesn't always have to break the bank!!

Have a great weekend!