5 Minute DIY Key Chain

I've been itching to play with leather for quite a while.  Now that Hubby and I are sharing a single key to our new (to us) car (a reluctant purchase to replace our falling apart old suv), we needed a keychain that we both could live with.  Challenge Accepted! DIY key chain parts

I picked up a remnant of leather from the fabric store and a rivet kit from Michael's (with a coupon) and decided to have a bit of fun.

DIY key chain cuts

I cut a piece of leather in the desired shape, then folded it through the key ring.

DIY key chain rivet

Once I followed the riveting directions (pun intended) I ended up with a cute leather unisex keychain, that took me a total of 5 minutes to make.   But I couldn't just leave it there, oh no, although I should have.  I had also been itching to use metal stamps once used by my grandpa and thought I might be able to get it to work on the leather.  Not my best idea.

metal stamp block

Although not an epic fail, it didn't exactly work as planned... I'm blaming it on the leather... it was too supple.  That's what I'm going with, ok?

DIY key chain stamped leather

Yes, Dexter is the car's name... yes, we name cars.... people probably think we have kids when we talk about who's taking Dex and who's taking Lola that day (yes, Lola is our other car.... she's kinda slutty and likes taking her top off....she's a convertible).

Anyway... I called a do-over and repeated this process without the stamping.  Much better.

DIY key chain leather

I'm already racking my brain to come up with awesome projects that I'll be able to successfully use the stamps metal on.  Oh the options!