Dining Dance

Yesterday, in a flurry of inspiration, I figured out how I can finally make my dining room work. Up until now, the dining room has been fine, but something has just been missing for me.  Now that the china cabinet is in it's new home (and looks amazing in her dining room!), I have to room to play around with the space a bit.  And play I did.

I brought all of my collected chairs up from the basement and started playing around to see which 4 of the 7 would work best in the space.  I think I have come up with the right combination.

Collected chairs

I know they're looking a little random right now, but once they are all painted the same color and reupholstered in the same fabric (with seats), I firmly believe that it will make perfect sense.  The 2 upholstered chairs will stay as is so they can ground the table.  Speaking of table..... You may have seen on instagram/facebook I'm on the hunt for a slightly larger, rectangular table that can accommodate 6 chairs.

After playing musical chairs, I started playing musical artwork- hence the lack of something on the wall between the windows.  In digging out some unframed pieces I had also collected, I realized I had one that felt 100% right in the dining room.

brugge print

It's an unframed print that I had bought at an estate sale this summer for a whopping $5 and has been sitting behind the door in my office since.

Everything really fell into place when I took this print with me to the fabric store.  The planets aligned, the universe was on my side, and I ended up with 2 large pieces from Calico Corner's remnant clearance section ($10 for each yard piece!!) that look spectacular with the print.

Dining scheme

I swear, these are the moments that happy dances are made for.  The stripe is going on the chairs, and the floral will probably be the piano bench.  I can't quite get Hubby to jump on my granny floral bandwagon yet.  I can get him to jump on the light pea green chair bandwagon though!

chair color selections

Now I just need to decide between "Golden Delicious" or "Sweet Vibrations."  I'm leaning toward the latter, but I'm going to look at them in different lights throughout the day.

I'll be getting started on painting the chairs today, so hopefully I'll have a room to show you in the coming weeks.

What do you think of my new dining room plan?  Not toooo crazy/over the top I hope!