Coming Soon!

After months of losing bidding war after bidding war, we finally came out victorious. Meet Frankie- our soon-to-be second flip house!

Frankie flip house

The scope of work is rather similar to Clark (our first flip)- kitchen, bathroom, update windows, update electrical & plumbing, clean up finishable basement (of course with lots of small details along the way).  I also followed the trend I started with Clark, and based his name off of it's street name.  "Frankie" is short for Franklin- no need to be so formal.

Built in 1954, he's currently sporting up-to-date design trends like a pink bathtub,

pink tub

a dishwasher in a closet,

dated kitchen

and sail boat wallpaper in the basement.  He's stylish like that.

sail boat basement

I have pretty awesome plans for this house.  I'm thinking retro-chic with an emphasis on clean and functional.

We're hopefully closing in a few short weeks, so I have some hustling to do!