Color Reawakening

At this point, I've lost track of how many bidding wars we've lost in the pursuit of our next flip house.  It has to be well into the double digits by now.  Honestly it has me conflicted- obviously I'm frustrated because these hands need a house to flip(desperately- or I'll keep finding things to do in my own house as evidenced by the rest of this post), but it also makes me a bit happy knowing that the housing market is coming back and so many people are purchasing new homes.  But seriously, people, throw a flipper a bone! (just kidding.....kind of......not really) The benefit of not having a current flip, is I feel I've had the opportunity to refine my personal style.  I'll go into more detail in another post, but I've actually noticed a trend with the rooms that I've been drawn to lately.  I may shock my mom with this one (since I dragged her kicking and screaming from her beige addiction), but my favorite spaces lately are pretty neutral.  Or at least they have a neutral base that serves as a backdrop to more colorful and interesting decor.  Case in point :

Bentwood office via Birch and Bird

image via Birch and Bird

If there were bright colored walls in the mix, this chair and rug would look a bit wackadoodle (technical term).  Without other colors to compete with, the design of this chair becomes the star.

My current favorite rooms in this house are the most recent rooms I've set my focus on.  My office and the kitchen... soon as the kitchen is 100% that will be my absolute favorite ever.  Both rooms have subtle wall colors which allows me to have a bit more fun with furnishings and not worry about them going over the top (a design dilemma I've always struggled with).  My office is not at 100% either, but here's how it stands today (totally unstaged, so please don't judge too much):

My office unstaged 1

My office unstaged 2

I'm kind of (read: VERY) tempted to repaint the blue living room (which I haven't photographed in over a year it seems- methinks it's time) and hubby's bright green office.  This color addict is having a reawakening about how to work with color most successfully!  Don't worry, though, the purple dining room will definitely be staying purple- I am still Karen, after all.

Have you had any recent design reawakenings?  or any falling-outs with colors you once loved?