If You Love Something

...set it free. That's exactly what I am doing with my newly redone china cabinet.


I love it.  I really do.  It came out awesome and I swoon over the new pulls.  But my dining room just isn't it's home.  It doesn't feel right in the room and sadly there's no other place in this house for it.  So I'm setting it free- it may even have a new home already.

But before I let it go, let's talk about this thrifted china cabinet's transformation.


Such a sexy piece, just BEGGING for me to bring it home from the thrift store and give it a new life.  You know me- when old furniture calls, I answer.

I had been itching to try a chalk paint (not chalkboard paint, chalk paint), but the hefty price tag was deterring me.  What's a DIY blogger to do?

diy chalk paint

Yup, I took to the internet, read different DIY chalk paint recipes, then, like a good rule follower... I winged it.

The basic premise is to dissolve plaster of paris in water and then mix it into the paint.  My first mixture was too watery, so I kelp playing with the balance until I was happy with the finished texture (learning from experience: the less water, the better).  It's really a precise science, just like my color-picking.  I started with one color, then added another until I liked it.  (Sorry, that means I can't tell you what color most things in my house are).

With any chalk paint (or so I read), the first coat will be very streaky,  but the big draw of this paint is that you do not need to sand or prime the surface to get the paint to adhere.  Coat #2 covers fully, hides all the brush strokes, and gives it a very pretty chalky-matte texture.  In this pic, you can see the 2 spots where I tried out coat #2 (and one's still wet).

chalk paint coat 1

In addition to the paint, hardware was MUCH needed here.  The broken 80's fake gold pulls that were on it when I got it just weren't cutting it.  I got these drop pulls from HomeDepot.com and I want to put them on every piece of furniture now.


I'm sad that it just doesn't feel right in my dining room- I was hoping after refinishing the puzzle pieces would fit, but alas it competes with the piano too much.  Sorry china cabinet- my grandmother's piano wins this round.


At least it will go to a new home where it will be loved and appreciated and display pretty china like it was destined to do.


Isn't she gorgeous?