After 3+ years of talking about mis-matched dining chairs, hoarding collecting dining chairs, and a few false starts, I officially have a set of 4 funky, colorful, pseudo-matching, and COMPLETED chairs. Can you see me grinning ear to ear? Dining chairs done


And I also have a new favorite tool: a Critter paint sprayer  (although let's be real- isn't any new tool usually my favorite?).

critter sprayer

It's like spray painting but 100 TIMES BETTER!  Better paint, better finish, and more powerful!!

There was a little bit of a learning curve with how much to spray and not get drips, but I think I finally figured that one out.  The finish looks totally professional.

chair finish

The color may have ended up being brighter than I anticipated, but I kind of dig it.  Luckily with the Critter, changing up the paint at a later date wouldn't be too hard.

And here's the obligatory cat pic  ("ma, can I go now?").  What a chubby handsome boy!

charlie chair

Now that I can put the chairs to bed (and sell all the extras....), I need a table that can fit them all!  I'm hoping I can buy this one from Craigslist for $70.  Waiting for an e-mail response and keeping my fingers crossed!

CL dining table

Let's just ogle at the chairs one more time

dining chairs done

So, what do you think?  Crazy awesome or just plain crazy?