Cherry on Top

You know, I really should start buying pieces that don't need modification.  I think I have a problem.  Where's the fun in turn-key pieces though? Yesterday, Craigslist was kind to me, and I purchased the table I showed you on Wednesday for $70.

I knew going into it that I would probably need to modify the size a bit, but I was hoping it would work as is.  Alas, she's too large.  She takes up the whole darn room.  So I have to figure out exactly how to make the top smaller, and what size to make it.  She's so pretty though.

new dining table

Why's it a she?  Cuz she's got some sexy legs.

table legs

Definitely a good buy though, it's solid cherry and I couldn't build this for cheaper.

cherry wood mark

Ok, well with you as my witnesses- I am officially cut off from buying projects!  No more new projects until I tackle the ones I already have!

Does anyone else have this same problem?  It can't just be me!