At Long Last

I've been doing a lot of talking about projects and planning projects, but I feel like I don't have a lot of results lately to show for it.  It's all in the works, I promise!  I'm taking the opportunity finally to tackle some larger projects that I've been putting off for a long time. Now that the yard is ready for the summer, and I hope to get our front porch done by the end of the week, guess what the next major project in my sights is.

kitchen progress

Yup, the kitchen!!!!!  The project that I've been dreaming about since the day we closed on the house 2.5 years ago  (I blogged about the kitchen here, here, here, and here).  I'm so excited!  Aside from new appliances and extending the countertop for a dishwasher, I have not touched this room.  It still has a non-working fan, light fixtures that I HATE are less than ideal, and cabinets that, although they look ok, are barely functional.  I'm just in the beginning phases now, pricing and planning, but I'm ecstatic that this is finally going to happen!!

I'm about 95% set on the 2-toned kitchen of dark stain on the bottom and white on the top. Like I've said before- we like wood cabinets, but the kitchen is petite.  Petite kitchens like ours can't handle all dark wood without getting dark- hence the introduction of some lighter cabinets like this kitchen:

pinterest kitchen

image via pinterest via Design Manifest

Imagine my kitchen with these cabinets (ya know, minus the tile backsplash, gigantic island, floating hood, etc).  I think it'll totally work out amazing and although Hubby's not convinced hes finally smartening up and has decided to "defer to my judgement" on the colors.

We're hoping to get started on this end of July and bang it out in a few weeks or less.  AHH, my new kitchen's going to be awesome!!! (in my humble opinion)

Do you have any projects you've been dreaming about for years?