Patio Sanctuary

Happy dahlias My garden is happy.  When my garden's happy, I'm happy.

I'm still on the hunt for the right bench to add some needed lounging space, but mulching, planting, pruning, and trimming is all done!!

patio sanctuary

It may be a tiny yard, but it meets and exceeds our current yard needs (and it was the first thing we fell in love with when we saw the house!)

patio gardens

After 3 summers of moving around plants, adding and subtracting plants, and generally making the landscape work for us, I couldn't be happier!

patio herb garden

The 'planted' pots by the fence are our herb garden.  It's directly in line with our kitchen/back door (easy access for cooking) and the pots serve to chorale the more invasive herbs, plus they look cool in my opinion.

perennial garden

veggie garden 2013

window box 2013

The yard has totally become my little sanctuary.  I wish you could hear the birds chirping- it's so peaceful.

Where's your happy place?