I'm very impatient.  Of the 3 showings Frankie had yesterday, we've only gotten feedback from one (pretty decent review).  I'm hoping the lack of reviews from the others means they're working on their offers.  A girl can dream, right? Speaking of dreaming, I've been perusing my local Boston Craigslist again- never a safe pastime.  Unless something is beyond perfect, I can't justify adding another item to our tiny, already filled home, so I'll just daydream about the amazing rooms these pieces could go in.

If I didn't already know that my dining room can't handle a piece of this size, you can bet your bum I'd be taking this 1948 hutch home.  At $100 it's an amazing price for a beautiful piece that doesn't look like it needs any work.  Quick, I need a client room so I can design a space around this!!!

cl 1948 cabinet

And speaking of pieces that I NEED.... I'm really trying to talk myself out of this one.  Alas, I shouldn't buy it, since we already have a bar cart and no space for another.  But it's an amazing price- $75 for a beautiful bar cart- please go buy it so I can live vicariously through you!  If you buy it, I'll even style it for you.

cl brass bar cart

This little Persian rug would be a nice addition to almost any entryway.  Mix it with some more modern pieces and it'll lend a classic, collected look to the space.  Although not a steal, still a pretty good deal at $100.

persian rug

This FREE sofa could definitely use to be reupholstered, which isn't cheap, but once complete, this would be an awesome sofa and still be less than comparable new sofas.  Just picture it: remove the skirt and arm covers and reupholster it in a crisp gray linen- timeless.

cl mod sofa

Not a home run at $60 (a bit overpriced if you ask me), I would LOVE to see this antique iron chair frame brought back to life.  The shape is so interesting- it just screams garden party!

cl iron chair

And just for proof that people will put anything on craigslist and prices are sometime beyond ridiculous, can I interest you in a creepy metal mask for.... $300??  What the WHAT??

cl ugly mask

And now that I've scarred you for life.... have you seen any fun/scary/awesome deals on craigslist lately?