You Light up My Office

Happy Monday!  and for once I actually mean it!  I'm so happy that spring is finally making an appearance here in Mass!!!!  As I always say, I'm solar powered, so the long drawn-out winter just drains my energy, momentum, and motivation.  It felt so good to get outside yesterday and go for a run (and NOT freeze my patootie off). first spring

I'm also excited about something I got done inside.  Slowly but surely, I've been replacing all the boring and/or hideous light fixtures in each room of my house.  I've previously replaced the lights in the living room, dining room, entry way, front porch, and Hubby's office.  The bedroom light is a bit of a larger project since that room still has a plaster ceiling and cast iron electrical box (!).  I'll tackle that sometime with Handy Dad's help, so I focused on my office instead.

The old light was just a snooze.  literally (just ask Charlie)

old office light 1

The only think I had done to this light before was switch around the shade with one I had removed from Hubby's office.

old office light 2

There used to be flowers on the one in here... not really my cup o tea.  Beyond the shade, the fixture itself is old, dingy, completely painted on, and doing nothing to hide the cracks right next to it.  The shade fix just made it bearable for a few months longer, but for the past six months I've been giving this IKEA light googly eyes.


At only $29.99 I'm not sure why I kept resisting the purchase, but at one of my recent IKEA trips for Clark the flip house, I finally broke down.

It fits perfectly in my office!  The light is less glaring because the shade really softens it, AND it hides all the ceiling blemishes.

new office light 1

I love the subtle texture of the shade too.  Even Hubby (who normally goes along with my changes just to make me happy) was impressed with the low-cost upgrade.

new office light 2

That's one more thing checked off my office to-do list, but there's still more.  I'd say this room is 75% complete.  The most obvious, of course is that my desk is missing.  My beautiful secretary desk that I'm refinishing got put on hold with the flip.  I'll finish you soon, I promise!

I hope you're enjoying the advent of spring weather as much as I am!  Happy April 1st!