One Step Closer

I've made a decision.  Starting next week, I'll be posting regularly on Monday, Wed, & Friday.  My day's have been blurring together lately at the flip house, so this will keep me on task of putting out new content on a better schedule.  Today's will be quick since I'm running out the door to meet someone at Clark, but, as always, I've been a busy little bee!  Guess what I tackled this week (because I apparently can't wait until tomorrow to show you). Hello Beautiful!

tile closeup

Yup, the bathroom has a floor!  That means I'm one step closer to reinstalling the toilet and done running to Dunkin's every time nature calls.  One step closer, but still not there yet, but soon, very SOON!  I still have to fix the sink/plumbing, install the wainscoting, paint the wainscoting, and THEN reinstall the toilet and sink.  Piece of cake (I hope).