Where My Time Goes


Good Morning world.  I am regrettably awake and marginally functional on a train to NYC for the day for work (did I mention its 5:18 AM??).  I have not, however forgotten my promise to you.  Projects! First things first, the Scrabble gift card box.  I made this for my friend's wedding on the 26th which had a totally charming Scrabble theme, right down to the table names and 'thank you' gifts.  If you ever need to cut through something like a Scrabble board, however, I would recommend a heavy-duty utility blade, because a simple X-acto knife is about as effective as a butter knife.

Next project is a baby shower cake.  The kitchen has still not recovered from this one.  This was for the first of 2 baby showers I attended this weekend.  (Too many pregnant women right now, I have to make sure I don't drink the water!)  When talking to a guest at the shower about my cake, she commented "you must have a lot of free time."  I was able to keep myself from laughing at her, but that forced me to reflect on the long lost friend called 'free time.'  Between my 9-5, my part-time jewelry home parties (need new jewelry?  www.liasophia.com/kpgoodman), projects, events, and life, I would not be able to name the last time I had a free weekend.  Oh well.  I hope you enjoy the products of my sleep-deprived glue gun and fondant (not together of course) adventures!


p.s. Happy Birthday Mom!!