Warm and Cozy

Well, after walking around NYC sans coat right after Christmas and a 50 degree day at the beginning of the week, we have finally entered New England winter.  AKA flipping cold.  Even inside with the heat on, you can just sense the chill.  Commencing hibernation- see you in the spring!! I kid.  I can't hibernate, someone's gotta fix up Millie and get her on the market!  So until the crocuses start peaking through the inevitable snow piles, I'm going to think warm thoughts.  Right now, I'm drawn to knitting and all things woven like a moth to a flame- they just exude coziness.


Few items of clothing scream COZY like this oversized crocheted infinity scarf from local creative SalemStyle's Etsy shop.


Who doesn't love a good fingerless glove?  If you've answered you, then I don't know if we can be friends.  Warm, smart phone friendly, and ridiculously cute- how can you go wrong?? This pattern is available from Erica Lomax on Ravelry and I might just have to try my hand at it next(pun intended...)


Yes. Please.  This "Sexy Ski Hood" pattern from the 60's is available as a PDF on etsy and yes please.  I could be the perfect little snow bunny with this.  Then after I take it off and still have perfectly coiffed hair, I'll bake Hubby an apple pie. or something.


If you ignore the creepy mannequin face, this hood is probably a bit more realistic for everyday wear.  Instantly make any coat hooded and ready to brave the sideways wind and snow.  This pattern is also available on Ravelry.


For a little bit more fun, I DARE you not to be cozy with a pom pom and ear flaps (from YarnPlusYarn on Etsy).  Plus I have a huge weakness for purple.


I still think, however that no winter weather item is more stylish and versatile than the knit turban.  Fancy enough to keep on inside (to hide your hat hair), but covers your ears and keeps you safe from the biting cold outside.  Vintage PDF pattern also available on etsy.

I need to get to knitting!!  What items are your fave to keep you cozy and cute in the frigid winters?