The Buddha's Back in Town

*sung to the tune of 'The Boys are Back in Town'* I think most people have some type of collection, whether they realize it or not. Somewhere over time, Hubby and I started collecting Buddhas. We each had a couple before moving in together and have acquired a couple more since: an unintentional collection was born.

Neither of us are Buddhist, although I can certainly identify with some of their principles.  My only tattoo (so far) is of a stylized yin yang and reminds me about the necessity for balance in everything.  But enough philosophizing, I simply find Buddha statues pretty.

A few days ago, I found and unpacked our box o' Buddhas.  In the apartment, all the Buddhas hung out together on one shelf, but I had a different plan for the house.  The Buddhas are now dispersed in various rooms and their mere presence makes me feel more at home.

Next? It's time to start getting some curtains up so the house feels even more like home.

Stay tuned for my next post featuring my first (hopefully)successful Craigslist scavenge!