Style Sparks

Who has bookcase styling on the brain?  This girl!  Sadly I'm still working on the painting of my new bookcase, so I'll have to wait a few more days.  Until the paint is dry and ready for styling, there's no harm in drooling over other well-styled surfaces from around the web. *sidenote* If you LOVE these as much as I do and want to pin them, please please click through to the source and pin from there.  Thanks!!

I can't talk about well-styled shelves without using an example from Emily Henderson.  That girl is seriously on another level.  The variety of blue tones mixed with simple neutrals keeps this eclectic collection from feeling busy.

e henderson styled shelves

Better Homes and Gardens is never short on styling inspiration.  It's one of the few home magazines that I actually do read- their featured spaces are always so well done, but still look livable.  I love this collection of white ceramics and colorful antique books.

bhg styled china cabinet

Hello color!  Maybe a bit bright for my space, but the color blocking on these shelves really speaks to me.

bhg yellow style

Where this image came from is a mystery- I have pinned it twice from 2 different tumblr accounts, so I'd love to give credit where it's due!  Firstly, I love anything in this color.  Add fun antique pieces and I'm weak in the knees.

tumblr antique stuled shelves

In reality, my shelves will probably end up looking closer to this well-styled bookcase from Coco+Kelley.  It's eclectic, colorful, and really speaks about who lives there.

coco styled shelves

Which shelf style speaks to you most?